How we work


To begin the expertise need to bring just object in question (paintings must be without frame) and your D, based on which you sign a contract. The contract is valid till the end of the current year. For the convenience of our clients every time you should decide to conduct an expertise, we will fill in an acceptance form of each item (with description of material, techniques, size and condition), after this the process of expertise begins and the item is located in IARE storage during the full period of the expertise.

Conditions of storage

The storage is equipped in accordance with museum standards and insured.

There are special conditions provided for separated storage of paintings, graphical works, crafts and iconography.


It is up to our experts to make decisions on the sequence and necessity of the stages of the examination: from art history analysis to technical expertise. In special cases it is needed to involve co-authors, collect additional reference material or carry out a micro-chemical analysis. Based on the Copyright law, the P.M.Tretyakov Expertise as well as our experts themselves have copyright to publish the materials and results of the work.

You can get familiar with the full text of the contract by sending us a request via Contacts page.

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