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P.M Tretyakov Independent Art Research & Expertise

P.M.Tretyakov Expertise was established in 2008 to promote a civilized market of original works of art, introducing a new approach to expertise, art research and attribution.

The main policy of the company is to establish the final authentication of works of art (paintings, graphics, icons, sculptures and decorative arts) and to identify fakes.

С июля 2021 года открыто официальное представительство НИНЭ имени П.М.Третьякова в Санкт-Петербурге. Приём произведений на экспертизу осуществляется с понедельника по субботу с 11 до 20-00, офис компании находится по адресу ул. Моховая, 12. Более подробная информация по телефону 8 812 679 77 06.

  • We provide a full complex of technological and stylistic research of works of art (paintings, graphics, icons, sculptures and decorative arts)
  • The laboratory is fully equipped with highly professional facilities
  • We work with more than 80 famous art specialists and acknowledged museum experts
  • High level of our specialists will secure your investments in works of art
  • Insured storage of the items in process of the expertise
  • Estimate of the works of art
  • Application for prior registration of the cultural values imported at Russian customs checkpoints at airports Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo
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